The Castres – Paris line gains in popularity

  Castres-Mazamet Airport Created in 1990, Castres-Mazamet airport is located in the department of Tarn. It serves the cities of Castres and Mazamet, respectively 9 and 15 km from the airport. Today, this airport carries out flights to: Paris – Orly, Ajaccio – Napoleon Bonaparte and Bastia – Poretta. The latter two destinations are only […]

Amelia Tech (ex-Airmain): taking care of maintenance to guarantee safety and reactivity

Last born, Amelia Tech (ex-Airmain) manages the Amelia’s fleet (Regourd Aviation Group) from the Trémuson airport in Brittany In 2015, the company Amelia decided to ensure the maintenance of its fleet of 15 planes. First established in Dinard, its subsidiary Amelia Tech took over the Atlantique Air Industries buildings in July 2016 in the Trémuson […]

A bright future for the Lorient Bretagne Sud airport

Due to the creation of two routes Lorient — Paris Charles de Gaulle and Lorient — Lyon St-Exupéry operated by Amelia (by Regourd Aviation) on behalf of Air France, the Lorient Bretagne Sud airport’s activity has been recording a strong growth. Credit : Claude Prigent Lorient Bretagne Sud airport was built in 1961 for the […]

Regional flights: a key-market for Amelia (Regourd Aviation Group) in Europe

Over the past two decades, regional air transport has known a terrific growth. While Boeing estimates that one 737 takes off or lands every two seconds in the world, regional jets companies are gaining market share, especially in Europe. In this context, Amelia (Regourd Aviation Group) has chosen to focus on this market by offering […]

Interview with Charles Mahé, Deputy Commercial Director, Charter Europe

On-demand regional flights are the second major activity of Amelia representing 25% of the company’s activities. Charles Mahé, the Deputy Commercial Director of Amelia talks about his role within the company.   – Tell us about your background. After a Master’s in International Management at the European Business School (EBS) followed by a 2-year experience […]

Regourd Aviation introduces Amelia

Regourd Aviation presents the Group’s new brand, Amelia. Amelia is the new name of our European airline, formerly known as the association of Regourd Aviation and its subsidiaries Aero4M, Airmain and ATO Regourd Aviation. A dynamic, conquering and international name, or rather a first name, to support the growth of the Regourd Aviation group. We […]