Scheduled flights for airlines

Scheduled flights for airlines

Our ‘ACMI’ offer is aimed at airlines in France and abroad.

We ensure the service of your destinations on your behalf.

Wide capacity

From 24 to 178 seats

Contract from a few hours to several years

Labeled Group


Safety and reliability

Our crews are trained by us to the highest standards. They have extensive experience. Whether positioned on scheduled or non-scheduled flights, they are used to all types of flights and passengers (VIP, corporate or leisure travelers).

They are supported by our flight operations and real-time maintenance teams, ready to quickly react to any unforeseen circumstances.

A tailor-made offer for major airlines

Equipped to the highest standards and carefully maintained, our aircraft meet the criteria and requirements of all major European airlines. The integration of our aircraft into their fleets is therefore very natural.

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Amelia operates regular ACMI routes on behalf of our partners:

We regularly operate flights on behalf of major companies. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of your ticket, please contact the issuing compan