Airworthiness management

Understand together the continuing airworthiness requirements

Amelia International supports you in:

  • Planning aircraft maintenance according to operational requirements
  • Creating a maintenance programme tailored to your business
  • Airworthiness checks before purchase, delivery or lease
  • Maintaining airworthiness with minimum costs between missions

Proven experience

With over 10 years of experience in maintenance and airworthiness management, we have managed over 60 aircraft. From helicopters to single-engine turbine aircraft to commercial jets, we can adapt to any requirement.

Working with airlines, brokers, lessors and banks, we have imported aircraft to an EASA registry from all around the world and even military and police registers.

Amelia International is registered with EASA and the Guernsey Civil Aviation Authority.

Our services

We offer consulting services for complex situations in operational areas such as

Aircraft management consulting

Import and ARC acquisition for Aircraft from 3rd countries

Resolution of complex authority findings

Specific document/manual preparation

Modification planning, support and execution


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Continuing Airworthiness Management Services

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