Interview with Charles Mahé, Deputy Commercial Director, Charter Europe

On-demand regional flights are the second major activity of Amelia representing 25% of the company’s activities. Charles Mahé, the Deputy Commercial Director of Amelia talks about his role within the company.



– Tell us about your background.


After a Master’s in International Management at the European Business School (EBS) followed by a 2-year experience in Africa working for a major airline, I joined Regourd Aviation at the start of 2017 working in the Sales department.
Today, as the Deputy Commercial Director, I take care of on-demand flights, i.e. Charters, in Europe.


-What duties do you have in the company?


I work in close collaboration with the executive team on the commercial strategy and I manage the coordination between customers, operations and crew. My team and I take into account several aspects of the market to offer the best product, build new projects and find solutions.


– What do you like most about your job?


Responsibility: each decision has a significant impact. We have to meet our customers’ requirements and needs. Everything must be done as soon as possible and in the best conditions to create a long-lasting customer relationship.


– Why do you work in aviation?


Aviation is an industry that involves all elements of society thanks to the great diversity of professions within (operations, maintenance, logistics, safety and security, training, customer relations, marketing, etc.). All of these different jobs are important and interconnected. The various actors involved, whether internal or external to the company, must constantly coordinate to enable each aircraft to take off on time and safely whilst giving the best possible experience for passengers.


-Why work at Amelia?


Thanks to the size of the company it allows you to be in contact with all departments; from operations, crew, maintenance and the engineering office. Due to this constant exchange, everyone has the opportunity to give their opinion and this information sharing allows us to evolve our services and help the company grow.


– In your opinion, what are the values promoted by the Regourd Aviation Group, now operating in Europe under the Amelia brand?


Reliability, expertise and flexibility.

In 40 years, we have established a relationship of trust with our customers and partners by offering premium services. We guarantee the highest standards thanks to our understanding of quality. Our multilingual crews have experience in all types of flights and know how to offer a service adapted to each customer.

We adapt ourselves to the needs and requirements of each client and if there is a problem, we always have a solution. We act within 30 minutes, implement the solution in one hour and the plane usually leaves after a maximum of three hours. This flexibility is made possible by our large fleet, our crews and a dedicated maintenance team that is always available.


-In your opinion, what are the challenges facing the new Amelia brand?


Today, Amelia is the market leader for 50-seat aircrafts in Western Europe. The goal is to be the leader in the whole of Europe, and why not in other markets! To achieve this, Amelia will be able to rely on its flexibility, strengthen its activities and open up to new projects whilst promoting its values.