Interview with Cécile Frey and Mariano Molinaro, Amelia (by Regourd Aviation) Cabin crew

Cécile Frey, hostess and instructor, and Mariano Molinaro, steward talk about the different aspects of their jobs as cabin crew: welcome aboard Amelia (by Regourd Aviation) flights!



– Tell us about your background. When did you join Amelia?


Mariano Molinaro (MM) : Coming from Argentina, I have been living in France for 8 years. I worked in hotel trade and restaurant industry before starting a steward training and joining Amelia (at that time Regourd Aviation) at the end of 2017.


Cécile Frey (CF) : Like Mariano, I did not come into aviation immediately. I studied design, then foreign languages before turning to hostess job which actually gathers all my passions. For 4 years, I have been working for Regourd Aviation (now Amelia) as a hostess and an instructor.


– Why did you become a hostess/steward?


CF : It was a childhood dream: the dream of travelling all the time! At Amelia, I wear two hats: the instructor one and the hostess one. Instructor is a real challenging job. We try to give new employees the best training. We see them grow within our always bigger family. Our cabin crew grew from 5 hostesses in 2015 to 22 in 2019. Let’s Mariano talk about steward job.


MM : A steward handles several jobs at once. We have so much more than two hats! We are at the same time firemen, policemen, interpreters, commercials and of course, great travellers. We take care of our passengers, ensure their safety to guarantee them the best flight experience.


– Why work at Amelia?


CF : At Amelia, every day is a new adventure! Thanks to our diversified offer, we operate flights always different. We work on scheduled flights for major airlines and on on-demand flights. We do our utmost for our clients which are as varied as our flights: sport teams, corporate, vacationers, etc.


MM : Sometimes, we operate out of the ordinary flights. I remember a flight at Innsbruck — Kranebitten airport in Austria. The airport was located in the middle of the Alps. A wonderful landscape, but a tough runway. The surrounding mountains made the take-off and the landing complex. We needed to rely on our team spirit to face this situation and these mountains!


Innsbruck airport in the middle of the Alps Credit: Balázs Pinter


– In summary?


MM : In summary, a Amelia steward is service-minded, promotes safety and can face any situation.


CF : This is a physical job, but we never get bored and we constantly want to travel. We are always ready to take off!