Amelia Tech (ex-Airmain): taking care of maintenance to guarantee safety and reactivity

Last born, Amelia Tech (ex-Airmain) manages the Amelia’s fleet (Regourd Aviation Group) from the Trémuson airport in Brittany


In 2015, the company Amelia decided to ensure the maintenance of its fleet of 15 planes. First established in Dinard, its subsidiary Amelia Tech took over the Atlantique Air Industries buildings in July 2016 in the Trémuson airport, near to Saint-Brieuc.



Amelia Tech manages at the same time the line and the base maintenances. The first one daily takes care of the different stopovers which include Lorient, Aurillac, Castres, Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire. The second one, more complex and less frequent, is a complete review of the airplanes done every two years.


Demand and reactivity to guarantee safety


On board or on the ground, safety is the Amelia’s key word. The Group orders its check flights under EASA Part 145 Embraer, Part 145 ATR and Part 145 Beechcraft 1900. EASA, European Union Aviation Safety Agency, delivers European standards approving, for example, the maintenance and aircraft components (Part 145) of a company.


When comes the complete review, technicians need to dissemble and re-assemble completely airplanes. They control and re-control every piece and do check flights directly at Trémuson. This painstaking work requires to keep the plane on the ground for quite some time. It takes around 4 000 hours, being three months, to do the base maintenance. So, Amelia Tech plans ahead each base maintenance and carries out effectively each line maintenance to always guarantee safety and punctuality.


By having its own maintenance, Amelia ensures quality control on the entire value chain and can react quickly in case of unforeseen events. Teams are always ready to get into the field to assist aircraft and find the right solutions.


A source of employment


In 2015, the arrival of Amelia Tech, named Airmain, was a source of new maintenance jobs in the region. These jobs disappeared in 2010 with the departure of Atlantique Air Industrie.


Proud of Briton roots and anchoring, Amelia Tech includes a staff mainly local. In four years, Amelia Tech expanded. The team grew from 10 in 2015 to 46 people in 2019 working for the maintenance of the Amelia’s fleet.