Sustainable aviation fuel: Amelia partners up with Neste to reduce its environmental impact

Amelia takes a significant step to reduce environmental footprint by choosing Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel on all flights from Amsterdam.

As part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Amelia has taken a significant new step to mitigate its climate impact by selecting Neste as the exclusive supplier of blended Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for all its flights departing from Amsterdam.

A major agreement has been reached between Amelia and Neste, enabling the airline to achieve nearly 5% SAF usage in its operations starting January 1st, 2024. Through this agreement, Amelia makes a tangible contribution to the transition towards more sustainable aviation. While the European Union will mandate a 2% rate in 2025, Amelia is engaging in further voluntary action to lead the way towards reduced emissions.

“The use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a major pillar of Amelia’s decarbonization strategy, complementing the company’s other development axes. Its use before the upcoming regulation embodies Amelia’s willingness and commitment to accelerate towards a more sustainable regional aviation,” said Adrien Chabot, Head of Innovation & Sustainability at Amelia.

The first route to exclusively benefit from SAF will be the regular service connecting Amsterdam to Strasbourg, a route that Amelia has been operating since 2022. It’s one of the three scheduled services by the airline, along with Paris-Orly/Rodez and Paris-Orly/Brive. These air connections play a vital role for the regions, as they provide essential links for the development of regional economies in remote areas, helping to overcome geographical isolation.

Since the beginning of the year, Amelia has already been offering its private and charter clients the option to choose Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) supply whenever available.

Neste, the world’s leading producer of SAF, will supply the SAF which is made from 100% renewable waste and residue raw materials such as used cooking oil and animal fat waste. Using Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%* over the fuel’s life cycle compared to using fossil jet fuel.

“Decarbonising aviation is more important than ever, and we are proud to support Amelia in reducing their environmental footprint. Using Neste My Sustainable Aviation Fuel for all flights departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol enables Amelia to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions of its operations and we look forward to continue working together,” said Alexander Kueper, who leads the Renewable Aviation business at Neste.

“We are delighted about this new partnership with Neste. Their solution is a perfect fit with our Embraer and Airbus fleet, which can already fly on up to 50% Sustainable Aviation Fuel. We are looking forward to further expanding our use of sustainable fuels and carry on our path to lower carbon emissions” added Alain Regourd, CEO of Amelia by Regourd Aviation.

Amelia is proud to take concrete steps to reduce its environmental footprint and promote a more sustainable aviation industry. By choosing Neste as a partner for Sustainable Aviation Fuel supply, Amelia proves its commitment to a more environmental-friendly future.

* When used in neat form (i.e. unblended) and calculated with established life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies, such as CORSIA methodology.

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