Amelia becomes a founding member of AZEA

Amelia joins the AZEA – Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation – set up by the European Commission.

A strong alliance for a greener Europe

In June 2022, the European Commission launched the AZEA: a coalition of private and public actors committed to working towards a greener Europe through zero emission aviation.
How can they do this? By joining this alliance, the 82 signatories will work hand in hand to facilitate the development of hydrogen and electric powered aircraft. A roadmap will be established to define the steps to be taken, the constraints to be taken into account and the actions to be undertaken to make this project a success. The variety of actors allows a real synergy and a complete understanding of the issue.
It is therefore together that the stakeholders will contribute to the European objective of climate neutrality for 2050.

A commitment in the continuity of the Amelia Green

Launched in 2021, is the internal department dedicated to energy change within the Amelia by Regourd Aviation group. Concerned about current environmental issues and aware of its potential to move the lines, the company has placed renewable energy at the heart of its development.
Through strong actions (Target True Zero commitment, partnerships with Thales and Universal Hydrogen respectively), Amelia is positioning itself as the European pioneer in the decarbonization of regional aviation.
“By becoming a founding member of the AZEA, Amelia is pursuing its objectives and becoming a more sustainable part of the energy transition in aviation” explains Solenne Regourd, head of the Amelia Green division.